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    Product Description


    Granules for oral solution

    Hepa-Merz 3000 is used for the treatment of concomitant and secondary diseases due to disturbed liver detoxification (eg liver cirrhosis).


    Take up to 3x daily the contents of 1-2 bags of Hepa-Merz Granulat 3000 dissolved. In copious amounts of liquid (eg a glass of water, tea or juice) are added to the meals or afterwards drink.

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    application areas

    – concomitant and secondary diseases in liver injury
    – brain damage in hepatic encephalopathy (hepatic encephalopathy)

    application Notes

    The total dose should not be exceeded without consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.

    Type of application? 
    Drink the drug after dissolving or decanting in water (eg a glass).

    Duration of application? 
    The duration of use depends on the nature of the symptoms and / or the course of the disease. Ask this in doubt, your doctor or pharmacist.

    There are no known overdose symptoms. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

    Forgotten your intake? 
    Do not take your medicine more often than directed.

    In general, care should be taken especially for infants, small children and the elderly to a certain dosage. If in doubt, consult your doctor or pharmacist for any effects or precautions. A dosage prescribed by the doctor may differ from the information on the package leaflet. Because the doctor will adjust it individually, you should use the medicine according to its instructions.


    personssingle dosetotal dosetime
    adult1-2 bags3 times a dayto the meal


    What speaks against an application? 

    – Hypersensitivity to the ingredients

    In some circumstances, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist:
    – Restricted renal function

    What age group should be considered? 
    – Children and adolescents below 18 years of age: The medicine may only be used after consultation with a doctor or under medical supervision.

    What about pregnancy and lactation? 
    – Pregnancy: Contact your doctor. Various considerations play a role, whether and how the drug can be used in pregnancy.
    – Breastfeeding: Consult your doctor or pharmacist. He will examine your particular starting position and advise you accordingly if and how you can continue with breastfeeding.

    If the medicine has been prescribed for you despite a contraindication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The therapeutic benefit may be higher than the risk involved in the application of a counter-indication.

    side effects

    What adverse effects may occur? 

    – gastrointestinal symptoms, such as:
    – nausea
    – vomiting
    – diarrhea
    – stomach pain
    – flatulence

    If you notice a feeling sickness or change during treatment, consult your doctor or pharmacist. For the information at this point, the most important consideration is the side effects that occur in at least one in 1,000 patients treated.



    The medicine must be kept protected from heat.

    Important instructions

    What should you pay attention to? 
    – Beware of allergy to the sweetener saccharin (E-number E 954)!
    – Beware of allergy to the sweetener cyclamate (E-number E 952)!
    – Caution in case of allergy to dyes (eg tartrazine (E 102), gelborane S (E 110), azorubine (E 122), amaranth (E 123) and Ponceau 4R (E 124)).
    – Be careful with an intolerance to fructose (fruit sugar). If you have a diabetic diet, you should consider the sugar content.


    How does the ingredient of the medicine work? 

    The active substance improves the excretion of toxic ammonia from the blood. In the liver non-toxic compounds are formed from ornithine and ammonia. This reduces the concentration of ammonia. This is desirable when the detoxification performance of the liver is disturbed, eg in the case of liver diseases.


    What is included in medicines?

    The stated amounts are based on 5 g of granulate = 1 bag.
    Brochures: 0.11
    Active ingredient ornithine aspartate3g
    corresponds to ornithine1.49g
    Citric acid, water-free+
    Excipient Saccharin sodium+
    Excipient sodium cyclamate+
    Excipient Povidone K25+
    Adjuvant fructose1.13 g
    Excipients Aromas, natural, natural+
    Excipient Gel Borage S+

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    13 of 16 people found the following review helpful.

    Reviewer’s review / reviewer wrote on 14.11.2010
    Used it to support the liver, as it helps this liver in detoxification. I felt better about it.
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    Reviewer’s reviewer writes on 07.09.2015
    … with side effects. I must confess to my shame that I ordered it for two reasons. Once the elevated liver values, but on the other hand, the “miracle” that was described to me by a friend. And it’s true. Even after a big evening with far more than 7 beers, one stands there in the morning like a one. This is going well until you exaggerate it as I do. Although the liver values have fallen excellently despite high consumption, but at some point my gall and heart played crazy. Meanwhile, I have after consultation with my house doctor Hepamerz again set off and try it in the classical way the values lower -> less drinking. Despite all this, it is a good medicine for anyone who is under control