Thuốc chữa đau thoát vị đĩa đệm, đau cột sống keltical forte

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    Product Description


    Spinal cord syndromes, neuralgias, polyneuropathies

    Spinal cord syndromes, neuralgia, polyneuropathies are diseases associated with damage to the peripheral nervous system (nervous system other than the brain and spinal cord). Nerve damage often occurs, because of its complex structure and high specialization, the nervous system is particularly vulnerable to external influences.

    Many nerve damage are fortunately repairable. In order to influence functional disorders, the nerve tissue has its own “repair workshops”. However, they are inherently slow because they rely on a constant supply of special nerve building blocks. After a nerve damage, as is the case with the diseases mentioned, the need for these substances is, of course, particularly high.

    Keltican forte contains uridine monophosphate, vitamin B12 and folic acid, which contribute to the activation of body-specific repair procedures for damaged nerves.

    Uridine monophosphate is a nutrient that the damaged nerves need to a great extent for the necessary repair procedures. By the addition of uridine monophosphate, destroyed nerve structures can be rebuilt more quickly.

    Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) and folic acid also play an important role in the nervous system. These vitamins not only complement each other, but they also need each other for their function. Keltican forte covers the increased needs of the urine cells important for the repair of damaged nerve cells uridine monophosphate, vitamin B12 and folic acid.


    Once a day, take 1 capsule with some liquid.

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    Which illnesses is this medication used for?

    • Keltican ® forte is a dietary food for special medical purposes (supplementary balanced diet) for the treatment of spinal syndromes, neuralgias and polyneuropathies.
    • The contained nutrients uridine monophosphate, vitamin B12 and folic acid contribute to the activation of corporeal repair processes of damaged nerves.

    Application notes

    How is the medicine used?

    • Keltican ® forte is to be used as a supplementary balanced diet under medical supervision.
    • Keltican ® forte capsules are free from gluten and lactose and contain no preservatives or ingredients of animal origin. Keltican ® forte is also suitable for diabetics .
    • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

    What is to be considered additionally?

    • Take the capsule with some liquid.


    How often and in what quantity is the medicine used?

    • 1 capsule daily with a little liquid.

    Top customer reviews and ratings

    127 out of 132 customers found the following review helpful.

    Reviewer’s reviewer writes on 17.02.2014
    For half a year ants plague me in the right leg. It was examined completely neurologically, but without results. My physiotherapist recommended me to Keltican. I take these now 1 x tgl. And my tingling is as good as gone! In the meantime, I know that I have an intervertebral disc prolapse, but the ants in the leg have disappeared. For me a very good medicine, as it is very well tolerated and has no side effects. I feel fit and not so tired, which is probably due to vitamin B12 and folic acid.
    103 out of 113 customers found the following review helpful.

    Reinhardt Schmidt writes on 19.03.2013
    My neurologist ordered Keltican because I was extremely allergic to all other medications, as a last resort.It is the best remedy, without any side effects, of all !! Keltican, I can control my body again! Regular intake since the end of the 1980s !! Daily. 2 tbl K. recommendable! Unfortunately too expensive! Alternatively: Núcleo CMP forte, from Spain, ferrer SA, Barcelona, costs only half and works even better, since higher doses! Daily. 1x Núcleo. The instruction leaflet reads like the German, no side effects !! Nevertheless, it does not exceed the daily ration because it can increase the blood pressure, as with Keltican, can increase the bluit pressure!
    84 out of 88 customers found the following review helpful.

    Jürgen Kuhl writes on 02.09.2015
    After an elective surgeon gave me an operation for mid-September as the best option to remedy my intervertebral disc disease suffered at the end of June, I was recommended to Keltikan Forte in the course of the next visit to the pharmacy. I bought a large pack, since then (3 weeks) daily a Tbl. And the previously almost unbearable pain (especially at night) have decreased significantly! I can look back at the nightRUHE in the evening.What this development is ultimately solely due to Keltikan Forte Or if other factors reinspielen …. who wants to be able to prove exactly? “In any case, I am very grateful to the pharmacist for his recommendation and would like to pass this recommendation gladly!
    84 out of 87 customers found the following review helpful.

    Reviewer’s reviewer writes on 26.10.2015
    I have a strong polyneuropathy in my feet and could hardly sleep because of the pain at night. In the Internet, I then encountered Keltican Forte and must say I am completely satisfied with the product. The pain is really much better and I can finally sleep again.
    66 of 77 customers found the following review helpful.

    Reviewer’s reviewer writes on 30.11.2015
    I think the product is good, unfortunately forget to take the capsules regularly. You can take them without problems, are not too big. The effect occurs only gradually. I would definitely recommend them definitely better than always painkillers !!