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    Product Description


    Targeted against annoying complaints

    Experts estimate that every third adult in Germany at least occasionally suffers from haemorrhoid aids. In addition to the Hametum suppository, which has been tried and tested for many years, the hametum haemorrhoid ointment is now available.

    Hametum Hömorrhoid ointment is particularly effective due to the variety of the ingredients of hamamelis:

    – relieving the agonizing itching,

    – inhibition of inflammation,

    – Breastfeeding of small bleeding and

    – Defense of bacteria and fungi

    The rich basis of Hametum haemorrhoid ointment also maintains the irritated mucosa and increases its elasticity. Hametum is well tolerated. Hametum thus effectively counteracts the annoying complaints and ensures their effective relief without unnecessarily straining the body.

    For ease of use, each tube is provided with an applicator.

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    application areas

    – itching and pain in the anal area, as in:
    – hemorrhoids, light forms

    application Notes

    Type of application? 
    Apply the medicine to the anus.
    Or: Take the medicine into the anus. Use the applicator.

    Duration of application? 
    If it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule. For prolonged or regularly recurring symptoms, you should consult your doctor.

    If the medicament is used as described, no overdosing symptoms are known. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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    Continue the application normally at the next prescribed time (not twice the amount).

    In general, care should be taken especially in infants, Toddlers and elderly people to a conscientious dosage. In case of doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist for any effects or precautions. 

    A dosage prescribed by the doctor may differ from the information on the package leaflet. As the physician adjusts them individually, you should apply the medicine according to your instructions.


    personssingle dosetotal dosetime
    adultA sufficient amountseveral times a dayDistributed throughout the day


    What speaks against an application? 

    – Hypersensitivity to the ingredients

    Which age group should be observed? 
    – Children and adolescents under 18 years: There are no dosage recommendations for this age group.

    What about pregnancy and lactation? 
    – Pregnancy: Contact your doctor. Various considerations play a role, whether and how the drug can be used in pregnancy.
    – Breastfeeding: Consult your doctor or pharmacist. He will examine your particular starting situation and advise you accordingly, if and how you can continue with breastfeeding.

    If the medicine has been prescribed for you despite a contraindication, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. The therapeutic benefits may be higher

    side effects

    What adverse effects may occur? 

    For the medicinal product only side effects are described which so far have only occurred in exceptional cases.

    If you notice any abnormality or change during treatment, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

    For the information at this point, the most important consideration is the side effects that occur in at least one in 1,000 patients treated.



    Storage before opening
    The medicine must be stored away from heat.
    Storage after opening or using the
    product The medicinal product may not be used for more than 6 months after opening / cooking.
    The medicinal product must be stored at room temperature after opening / cooking.

    Important instructions

    What should you pay attention to? 
    – Beware of allergy to ascorbic acid (vitamin C)!


    How does the ingredient of the medicine work? 

    The ingredients come from the plant witch hazel and act as a natural mixture. At the plant itself:
    – Appearance: about 3m tall shrub or small tree, which remain bright yellow, narrow-leaved flowers simultaneously with the fruits of last year on the bush; the leaves can be easily confused with hazelnut leaves.
    – Presence: North America
    – Main Ingredients: Tannins
    – Plant parts and preparations used: mainly extracts and tinctures of leaves, bark and branches. Tannins react with the proteins of the (mucus) skin. They seal off small injuries by forming a thin protective layer on the surface and inhibit inflammation as well as slight bleeding.


    What is included in medicines?

    The stated amounts are based on 1 g of ointment.
    Active ingredient Hamamelis leaves, branch fresh distillate62,5mg
    Excipient cetyl stearyl alcohol+
    Adjuvant citric acid glycerol monooleate glycerol monostearate L – (+) – 6- O -palmitoyl ascorbic acid all – rac -alpha-tocopherol lecithin (2.5: 7.5: 20: 20: 25: 25)+
    Excipient disodium edetate-2-water+
    Auxiliary perfume oil Hamamelis+
    Adjuvant Glycerol (mono / di / tri) [adipate, alkanoate (C6-C20) isostearate]+
    Adjuvant paraffin, viscous liquid+
    Auxiliaries Thick liquid paraffin+
    Excipient Paraffin oil+
    Excipient Hydrocarbons, microcrystalline (C40-C60)+
    Adjuvant propylene glycol+
    Excipient vaseline, white+
    Auxiliary water, purified+
    Adjuvant woolwax+
    Corresponds to butylhydroxytoluene+

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    18 out of 23 customers found the following review helpful.

    Aesculap1972 wrote on 01.11.2014
    I suffer from itchy and aching hemorrhoids and use this ointment for a year and it helps me particularly well.This ointment contains the active ingredient of the magic nut plants which is used as a medicinal plant. The active ingredient has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and anti-itch effect.I can recommend this ointment with a good conscience. The package also contains an applicator for easier introduction of the ointment into the anus area or rectum. Get well.
    7 of 9 people found the following review helpful.

    Reviewer’s review / reviewer wrote on 26/12/2012
    I like the cream very much, because I often react with a sore po by my food allergies. Since the cream helps me very well and fast. Light haemrrhoids are also quickly “combated” again and are also no longer larger.
    7 of 9 people found the following review helpful.

    Andreas Skruzny writes on 21.05.2016
    – this cream I have been using for many years and I am very satisfied with it – without it unfortunately no more and the price is also okay – a soft cream and very effective
    7 out of 10 customers found the following review helpful.

    Reviewer’s review / reviewer writes on 10.08.2015
    I had very badly after hemorrhoids after my confinement. The midwife of the clinic recommended me Hametum. I quickly got relief. We recommend.
    5 out of 6 customers found the following review helpful.

    Reviewer’s reviewer / reviewer writes on April 29, 2014
    I use this cream every day. Since then, I have no more problems with hairbrushes and aching hemorrhoids. For this, the cream is very gentle compared to a cream used in the hospital and does not irritate sensitive skin areas. We recommend.