Sữa cho người gầy ốm muốn tăng cân Nestle Resource Complete

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    Product Description

    Per 100 g of powder

    • Energy: 385 kcal
    • Fat: 3.8 g (9 kcal%)
    • Carbohydrates: 65 g (68 kcal%)
    • Protein 23 g (23 kcal%)
    • Fiber: 0 (0 kcal%)
    • Sodium: 300 mg
    • Potassium: 720 mg
    • Phosphorus: 260 mg

    Information acc. Food Information Regulation (LMIV) can be found in the product description .

    Lack or restricted ability to adequate normal diet, such as

    • In case of existing or threatened malnutrition
    • Unwanted weight loss and loss of appetite
    • In case of high protein requirement In the case of dietary fiber incompatibility

    Resource ® complete should not be used in all diseases or conditions where oral food intake is contraindicated.

    • Normocaloric (1 kcal / ml)
    • Protein rich (23% kcal, 23 g per 100 g powder)
    • Fiber free
    • Gluten free
    • purine
    • Tasteless
    • Lactose content (6 g per 100 g)
    • Fully-balanced = suitable for exclusive nutrition
    • Refundable for “missing or restricted ability to adequate normal diet” according to the new version of the Drugs Directive (AMR) of 18.12.08 / 22.01.09
    The dosage of Resource ® complete depends on the individual energy and nutrient requirements of the patient as well as the type and severity of the disease.

    For the exclusive diet: approx. 7-8 servings per day; for supplemental diet: one or more servings per day
    (1 serving = 50g).

    For the enrichment of food and drinks.
    Tip for preparation:
    Please observe the preparation instructions on the packaging!