Kem trị nám Widmer Pigmenorm creme

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    Product Description


    Manufacturer: Widmer (Louis Widmer GmbH)
    Combination of active ingredients: Hydroquinone + Tretinoin + Hydrocortisone
    Dosage form: cream

    Pigmanorm cream WIDMER contains the active ingredient combination hydroquinone + tretinoin + hydrocortisone .

    The combination is used against a disturbing pigmentation of the skin. Excess skin color (melanin) accumulates in the skin and leads to brown skin spots. These occur particularly frequently in the course of pregnancies as pregnancy spots (so-called Chloasma) and after inflammation.

    Additional information is available on the following application areas of hydroquinone + tretinoin + hydrocortisone :


    Unless otherwise prescribed, the cream is applied sparingly to the modified skin once a day.

    The treatment period is 7 weeks on average. If no skin whitening occurs after 3 months at the latest, the treatment should be discontinued.

    Other ingredients

    The following drugs, which are not actually active, are contained in the medicament:

    • ascorbic acid
    • Macrogol
    • low viscosity paraffin
    • emulsifying cetyl stearyl alcohol
    • purified water
    • Glycerolalkanoat
    • glycerol
    • hard paraffin
    • isopropyl
    • Lauromacrogol 400
    • sodium cetylstearyl