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    Consistent, radiant complexion

    The pigment clary serum makes the complexion more uniform and radiant and makes pigment spots less visible in the long run. The effect also continues after the serum has been discontinued.

    The light serum provides moisture and works in combination with a sun protection that has a light protection factor of at least 15.

    PIGMENTCLAR by La Roche-Posay: against dark spots, dull and uneven skin.

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    69 out of 78 customers found the following review helpful.

    Jessica Kumar writes on 08.02.2015
    I have tried this product because of my dark pimple times, which I have quite long, on the cheek area. And after about 3 to 4 weeks I could not really grasp how extremely strong the times were faded! Today after 2 months as completely as gone! This product is absolutely rely on! Generally applicable to all La Roche Posay products!
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    Susanna Lavore writes on 29.06.2016
    I have pigment spots on the face the dark spots have come at the end of pregnancy and after a year are still there. I had hardly hope that it goes away or better this I have tried the product. For regular use in the morning and in the evening I see positive change after three weeks. The skin is smoother and the stains have become lighter Some verfections are completely off.I can recommend this product to a friend.
    9 out of 9 customers found the following review helpful.

    MelTee writes on 13.07.2017
    I admit I was amazed! I suffer from old pimples and acne scars, have what is commonly called “colorful skin,” and also Melasma. The last refreshment of the melasma I have recently taken in the Kurzurlau at 36 degrees and full sun, despite LSF 50 immediately again brown spots on the forehead and the cheeks. Immediately I applied the new serum and already after a week the spots visibly faded. I never really had that. So I am totally convinced. Price and consistency are super, the bottle also, the smell I do not like, somehow like cheap men’s shaving water, but well, I live with …
    9 out of 13 customers found the following review helpful.

    Nadja Alles writes on 15.03.2017
    I have been using the serum for 3 years and have been able to see a clear improvement. I am very satisfied with it and can only recommend it
    5 out of 13 customers found the following review helpful.

    da-nie writes on 23.11.2016
    This serum is applied under the daily / night care, moisturizes the skin very well. With me it tingles quite easily. In order to obtain the desired optical effect, it is necessary to apply it regularly